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The Program

The Japan Karate Association of Wisconsin (JKA Wisconsin) teaches and practices the art of Shotokan Karate in the belief that the human mind is the greatest and yet least-cultivated asset in existence for establishing and restoring harmony in an inharmonious world. We focus on achievement and self-discipline through both physical and mental development. The invaluable skills students learn and the training methods we use at JKA Wisconsin provide a healthy outlet for releasing tension. Studies have shown that karate training actually decreases aggressiveness while increasing focus and building confidence and self-esteem. Children in this program also become more disciplined in other areas of their lives, both at school and at home.

Similarly, adults experience these benefits at home and at work. Students--whether children or adults-- feel better about themselves and develop a more positive attitude toward life. The training is both physically and mentally challenging, emphasizing focus and concentration, strength and endurance, flexibility, coordination and speed, and control and timing of breath and body. All of the classes provide a healthy and exciting way to help stay physically and mentally fit.

Self Defense

At JKA Wisconsin, we place a strong emphasis on teaching the original meanings and applications of the techniques and forms, as well as more modern techniques and applications to deal with everyday real-world threats. These modern skills include holding and freeing techniques, as well as weapon removal and defense.

Kihon, Kata and Kumite

Kihon (fundamentals), Kata (forms), and Kumite (sparring) form the core of Shotokan Karate training.

An emphasis on strong fundamentals, or kihon, lies at the heart of the Shotokan system. These basics include specific stances, strikes, kicks and blocks, as well as proper breathing, body positioning and alignment, and the principles of body contraction and relaxation.

Kata, or forms, are sequences of prearranged movements designed to simulate specific attacks and defenses against imaginary opponents. There are many kata in the Shotokan system, ranging from very basic kihon kata to very advanced black belt level kata.

Practical application with another karate student is called kumite, or sparring. There are various approaches to training in kumite, including pre-arranged, one-step, and free sparring. Proper distance, timing, body shifting, balance and control are all learned through this practice. Specific rules of contact and control are strictly enforced to ensure safe training.